dijous, 28 de maig de 2009

Benicassim festival

According to ryanair benicassim is close to barcelona... are they crazy or what? there must be some hours by car. This is a real sin! :-)

Jana Pawla II

Chapel Jana Pawla II at wroclaw's airport. Comme on guys, he's everywhere. Wasn't a catholic sin to create idols others than god? It becomes a bit ridiculous sometimes. Fins a la sopa!!


This is vilafranca, my hometown: catalunya and fc barcelona! Nothing else matters... :-)

diumenge, 24 de maig de 2009

The Patio!

This is not an image of the post WWII period. This is the yard of our building. The kids playing between garbage, what a difficult childhood!

Dwerfs in aquapark

Couple of dwerfs (very tipical in wroclaw) in front of aquapark. I heard there are 45 around the city!

Nasza europa

Exhibition about 50 years of eu in wroclaw. Exhibition's name is nasza europa (our europe). For someone that studied european studies it was a bit boring. Interesting part about the dictatorships in europe. Franco assasi!! I l'estaca of lluis llach as a background music.

dimarts, 19 de maig de 2009

Chinese beer

Voilà, c'est tout!

Indian in Wroclaw

An indian performance in rynek of wroclaw. When asked which indians he represented he said all of them: north and south america... ok!

My office early in the morning

Yes, I work there! It was 8 am

University of wroclaw

Beatiful view of the old building of the university in wroclaw. I was drinkink beer in the park :-)


... in the toilets of medicover! lol

dissabte, 9 de maig de 2009

More art

Waw, today I discovered an even bigger exhibition! Amazing! Remember, it's the media art biennale of wroclaw!!

divendres, 8 de maig de 2009

Media art biennale wro 09 (and 3)

And this is a cool screen showing "us". Bardzo interesting 2!

Media art biennale wro 09 (2)

This is a fight with laser swords... yoda is still alive!

Media art biennale wro 09

today is the last day of the media art biennale in wroclaw. We had the chance to see a compilation of short movies. I didn't like most of them but still, very interesting. Even more interesting were the exhibitions that were next to the theater! The photo is a playground for kids... more to come in the next photos!

Haruki murakami

This is the book that I am reading now : blind willow, sleeping woman. This is a compilation of short stories from this writter. So far great, better and better! Let's how r the next stories!

dijous, 7 de maig de 2009

Andreyevska church in kiev

Nice view of this church in kiev! After 4 days finally it was warm! Recommended kiev: very nice city!

How are trams in wroclaw?

They are like that :-)

diumenge, 3 de maig de 2009

Front page hostel

Hostal front page a odesa.a q no sabeu pq se li diu aixi? Mireu les parets! :-)

dissabte, 2 de maig de 2009

Metro de kiev

Sanovni pasajere! :-)


Si noi, sembla q a chernobyl la vida continua. Excellent exposicio de fotos al parc shevshenko de kiev.

Cap a ukrania!

Visca wizzair! Una companyia molt mes seriosa que ryanair.